What equipment is required to be on a trailer?

Camping is one of America’s favorite pastimes. It used to be that you took a tent and maybe some tarp, some essentials, and then ventured out into the wilderness to commune with nature. However, nowadays, many people purchase an RV, fifth wheel, or travel trailer to be their lodging while they go on camping trips. While this doesn’t have the same idea in mind as rustic camping, it can still be a lot of fun! It’s nice to have the comforts of home no matter where you go.

If you want to take a trip with peace of mind knowing that not only your basic essential needs will be met but also your more “luxury” needs as well, it’s important that you equip yourself with the best possible tools and amenities for the ultimate enjoyable experience in your travel trailer. This article gives you a list of some of these amenities that you should consider including on your next trip- especially those items which are easy to store.

The kitchen is usually the place where everyone likes to congregate. This means that preparing the kitchen properly is essential to a successful trip. When packing things like plates, bowls, cutlery, etc. keep in mind the number of people that will be going with you. The less you have to bring the better since you’re going to want the most efficient use of your space.

Don’t forget to pack cookware and cooking utensils as well. This means pots, pans, cookware and the like. Many people overlook this aspect when venturing on their trip and end up spending excess cash on these items once they’ve reached their destination. It’s also advisable to bring things like washcloths, hand towels, paper towels for quick cleanup, and other cleaning supplies to make sure your trailer stays clean. Making sure your kitchen stays clean can help you avoid unwanted wildlife visitors. Consider bringing a folding table and/or extra seating options to ensure you’re comfortable when you’re eating and or just enjoying your day.

The bathroom supplies are another thing many people forget to bring when packing the travel trailer for their next adventure. You’ll want to stock the bathroom with the appropriate amounts of toiletries (think toilet paper, hand soap, hand towels, etc.) and cleaning supplies. (Universal cleaning products that you can use in the kitchen or the bathroom will help reduce the number of things you need to bring with you and thus save you space).

Once you reach your destination or make a stop along the way, you’re going to want to make sure you know what your source of power will be. You should consider bringing with you an adapter, extension cord, and maybe even a power supply you can hook up to one outlet so you don’t need to connect everything in different locations. With that being said, remember to also take with you certain appliances you’ll know you’re going to want- radio, television, coffeemaker, and perhaps a fan.

Make sure you have plans for plumbing as well. If you have a freshwater tank, you’ll want to also bring a dedicated hose just for that water. Keep it stored away from any access to the sewage line. If you’re heading to an area where you’re unsure if there will be water, make sure you fill the water tank ahead of time. Take care of the sewage as well and bring proper hoses to empty the sewage tank of your trailer when you can. To stay sanitary, consider also bringing some gloves to get the job done with minimal skin contact.

It’s a good idea to keep some tools on hand as well. This can be useful especially for the setup and take-down of your campsite, and will aid you in various camping chores. Make sure you’re equipped with a hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, and supplies such as WD-40. You should also check that you’ve got some good wheel bearing grease, too. Having the tools to set up a power, sewage, or fuse connection will come in very handy. For emergencies, make sure you bring with
you a flashlight and appropriate first aid supplies. A fire extinguisher is a good idea as well. You never know what could happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping your trailer safe. That means that you need to check the tyre pressure regularly and maintain the wheel bearings using a good trailer wheel bearing grease. This is an essential part of the equipment that you need for your trailer.

Whether you’re heading to a local campground or traveling across the country, travel trailers can be a great- and comfortable alternative to camping in a tent. If you bring the right supplies with you and make the most efficient use of your space, you’ll have a camping trip to remember for a long time- and you’ll be happy you were well prepared.

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