How to Build A Kayak Trailer

Today’s economy sucks! Trying to take a family vacation with a family of four is astronomical; get ready to put thousands of dollars aside if you want to visit any theme park. That’s why many
families are turning back to the great outdoors and seeking all the sites this wonderful country has to offer. Camping, canoeing, kayaking, sightseeing and bonding with one’s family has become the number one family vacation not only because it brings families closer together, but it’s far more economical.

Plus, the number of styles in travel trailers for families to choose from makes it even more exciting. Several popular choices include Motorhomes, Towable Rvs, 5th Wheel Trailers, Folding Tent Trailers or maybe you just want to get some boating done. If that’s the case, I’m going to show you how to make your very own Kayak Trailer for under $400. This article will go over the pros and cons of each and then teach you how to make an easy Kayak trailer for your family to
enjoy for years.

Motorhomes come in three styles Class A, B, C. Class A are the biggest and most expensive, many times people choose to live year-round in these diesel beasts of luxury. Pros- lots of room and luxury amenities; Cons- expensive and not good for day or weekend trips.

Class B designed to look like a camper van, they are still on the expensive side.
Pros- Convenient to drive, simple set up, great for day or weekend trips;
Cons- limited amenities, only suited for one or two people. Class C are midsized and can range up to 33 feet. Built on top of an existing vehicle they are intended to be used by
families. Pros- large enough for families, all basic necessities, more
affordable; Cons- driving can be a challenge, still expensive to maintain.

Because of the expense of Motorhomes, many families choose towable RV’s that have all the amenities at half the cost. They come in all assorted sizes, have different luxuries, and
can be outfitted to fit the consumers needs. Plus, they are detachable making them an ideal choice for many. The biggest con that consumers find is they are difficult to maneuver in reverse.

Another option is the 5th wheel Trailer. Similar to the towable RV, it’s difference is the gooseneck connector that snaps onto the towing vehicle. This makes towing much simpler and maneuvering effortless. The constructions are much sturdier and simpler to handle than common ball fasteners.

However, like many families, maybe you just want to get away for the day. Maybe you want to float down the river, swim with the manatees, catch and release some fish, take some picture of all the amazing wildlife the outside has to show. The cheapest easiest way is to build a boat trailer or kayak trailer and get out on the water for some fresh air, sun shine, and appreciate the beautiful family you have away from you in their own kayaks.

The remainder will teach you how to build your own Kayak trailer that can hold up to 5 kayaks.

First, you’re going to order your Do It Yourself Kayak Trailer from Harbor Freight Trailer. The directions are a bit confusing, but putting the trailer together really isn’t that difficult if you have the proper tools.

Two wrenches that are a must in building this trailer are a 16mm and a 17mm. You will save time and money trying to tighten the 75 sets of bolts with these two wrenches, so just trust me on this.

As you start to assemble the trailer, it will get heavy because it is made of steel. Assemble it on padding and possibly have someone help you as you start with the first part in assembling the two deck and tongue. Next, a hinge is attached to the deck on each side. At this point, insure there is plenty of vertical room to flip the trailer as it is quite large, and it is folded over.

The axles and suspension are not as difficult as they sound; they connect with a few parts of hardware and are easily tightened.

Finally, secure the wheels, flip it again, lock the decks of the bed, and you have yourself a trailer! From this point on you can customize your trailer to hold two, four, even five kayaks for the whole family, and still for under $500.

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