How to back up a trailer

 Backing up a trailer can be a simple task and can be a challenge depending on how you do it. If you have little knowledge on how to back up a trailer then it’s important to ask for help from professionals with enough knowledge about how to back up a trailer. The following are some important tips that can help you in the process.

• Look for a good site and prepare yourself

When backing up a trailer you will require a good site without obstructions. This will not only make work easier for you but also it helps to avoid accidents especially if it is a busy place full of vehicles. After identifying a good site, go ahead and prepare yourself to back up your trailer. Back up your truck and the trailer from the left side, parallel to the driver side; this makes it possible for the driver to have a good view on both the trailer and the truck. Also, make sure you place your hand at the bottom of the wheel to ensure you don’t put exaggerated moves.


Courtesy of Mirage Trailers

• Use your side mirrors and have a spotter

The side mirrors help the driver to have a clear view on what is going on around. It helps one to notice any obstructions and avoid hitting any obstacles on the ways. With the side mirrors still, it is a good idea to have a spotter. A spotter outside the vehicle has a better view and can help to warn or alert you especially on what to do especially if you are in a blind spot. He can be able to notice any exaggerated moves made that are hard to notice using the side mirrors.


• Have enough knowledge on how to move the vehicle

A hitch joint ball is used to attach the vehicle and the trailer and it’s important to clearly know the moves to make. By moving to the left, the trailer moves to the right. During reverse, you will have to steer to the right. Turning the wheel to the right will, in turn, make the trailer move to the right. When backing up in turns you will have to pull forward until the truck and the trailer is aligned and then start the process all over again.

Check this great vid from Burbilly if you’re still confused;

If you are looking forward to being an expert in backing up a trailer, then keep practicing and always take it slow. Lack of experience and quick moves will only lead to accidents and hectic eras during the process.

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